About Laprixa


Laprixa   is the smallest tissue blood pressure device in the world. Since surgical wounds heal better and faster when there is sufficient blood flow, Laprixa   provides a quick and easy way to determine if good wound healing is possible. The device consists of three subsystems; a module, a probe and an arm cuff. The probe is a disposable device for measuring local tissue blood pressure of the organ, equipped with optical sensor technology and a pressure application mechanism for measurements. The module is non-disposable and is connected to both the arm-cuff and probe. It provides a Tissue-Brachial Index (TBI) that indicates whether the wound is healing sufficiently, by measuring the blood pressure of the organ during surgery. The surgeon will know by an objective measurement which parts of the organ have sufficient healing capacity to be sutured, thereby preventing the risk of leakage. By automating the calculation of the risk-index, results can be obtained within one minute, making the device also suitable for emergency cases.


Why Laprixa  ?



Quantitive assessment of risk leakage --> 89 % Positive Predictive Value.



Easy to use, no special training required, clear IFU. 

Easy to embed in all current operation protocols without changing procedure. 


Measurement obtained within minutes


The probe will be disposable, small and lightweight

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