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About Laprixa


Laprixa™ is the smallest tissue blood pressure device in the world which offers the surgeon a unique quantitative, objective, and intraoperative prediction of the wound healing capacity of bowel tissue. Surgical wounds heal better and faster when there is sufficient blood flow, therefore we developed Laprixa™ which can provide a quick and easy way to determine if good wound healing is possible. As such, Laprixa™ will become a game-changer in surgical wound healing.


The system consists of three parts: a module, a probe, and an arm cuff. The probe is a disposable device equipped with optical sensor technology and a pressure application mechanism for measuring local tissue blood pressure on the organ. Simultaneously the arm-cuff measures the blood pressure at the brachial artery. The probe and arm-cuff are connected with the non-disposable read-out module which displays both blood pressure and calculates the tissue brachial index indicating whether good wound healing is possible. This index supports the surgeons in making critical decisions, thereby increasing the success of the surgery, and preventing unwanted complications such as leakages.


How does Laprixa™ work?


1. Insert via trocar


2. Press button 


3. Display a risk-index

Why Laprixa™?


Quantitative assessment of risk leakage with a PPV of 89%



Applicable to all current protocols, easy to use, no special training required.


Real-time feedback to the surgeon. 


The probe will be disposable, small and lightweight

OP-Zuid subsidy for innovative diagnostic device

Corporis Medical joined forces with AIM, our electromechanical production partner, and Medanco, our injection molding partner, to develop the smallest blood pressure device in the world for determination of tissue blood flow. Development of this innovative device is subsidized by OP-Zuid.

Planned clinical trials for Laprixa

Clinical validation of the Laprixa™ technology will show its predictive value and clinical benefits. We will start our clinical trials with Laprixa™ in 2024.


Laprixa informational leaflet

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