About Laprixa

About Laprixa

Laprixa™ is the smallest blood pressure device in the world which offers the surgeon a unique quantitative, objective, and intraoperative prediction of wound healing capacity. As such Laprixa™, it will become a game-changer in surgical wound healing. We know that surgical wounds heal better and faster when there is sufficient blood flow, therefore we developed Laprixa™ which can provide a quick and easy way to determine if good healing is possible.

The device consists of three parts: a module, a probe, and an arm cuff. The probe is a disposable device for measuring local tissue blood pressure of the organ, equipped with optical sensor technology and a pressure application mechanism for measurements. The module is non-disposable and is connected to both the arm-cuff and probe. Within the module, a risk-index is calculated indicating whether the wound healing capacity is sufficient. By automating the calculation of the risk-index, results can be obtained within one minute. The surgeon can therefore in a split of a moment make critical decisions, thereby increasing the success of the surgery and preventing unwanted complications such as leakages.


How does Laprixa™ work?


1. Insert via trocar


2. Press button 


3. Display a risk-index

Why Laprixa™ ?


Quantitative assessment of risk leakage with a PPV of 89%



Applicable to all current protocols, easy to use, no special training required.


Real-time feedback to the surgeon. 


The probe will be disposable, small and lightweight

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