About Mediclose™

Mediclose™ is a sterile disposable device intended to pass a suture through the fascia of a 10-12 mm trocar induced wound, at the end of laparoscopic surgery. 


Mediclose™ is a closure system that consists of the Mediclose™ device, incorporating the sutures and needles, and the Mediclose™ adaptor, to ensure compatibility with most brands of trocars.


Most existing systems close the trocar induced incisions from outside inwards. Whereas the Mediclose™ System closes the incisions inside outward, with the position of the needles pointing away from any vital organs.

How does Mediclose™ work?

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1. Insert via trocar

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2. Press a button

3. Remove from trocar

Why Mediclose™?


Needles are pointed away from abdominal organs and are kept in safe-housing


Compatible with commonly used 12 mm trocar by connecting an adapter


One-hand activation

Extremely fast closure, wounds can be closed within a minute


No cleaning and re-use, this avoiding contamination

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