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About Mediclose™

Mediclose™ is a sterile disposable device intended to pass a suture through the fascia of a 10-12 mm trocar induced wound, at the end of laparoscopic surgery. 


Mediclose™ is a closure system that consists of the Mediclose™ Device, incorporating a needles-suture set, and the Mediclose™ Adaptor, to ensure compatibility with 12 mm trocars of selected trocar brands


Most existing systems close the trocar induced incisions from outside inwards, whereas the Mediclose™ System closes the incisions inside outward, with the position of the needles pointing away from any vital organs.

How does Mediclose™ work?

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Brochure corporis medial

1. Insert via trocar

Brochure corporis medial
Brochure corporis medial

2. Press a button

3. Remove from trocar

Why Mediclose™?


Needles are pointed away from abdominal organs and are kept in safe-housing


Compatible with commonly used 12 mm trocar by connecting an adapter


One-hand activation

Extremely fast closure, wounds can be closed within a minute


No cleaning and re-use, this avoiding contamination

First-in-Human trial for the Mediclose™ System - Currently ongoing

After pre-clinical validation of the Mediclose™ System, we moved onto our first patient studies in 2022. The goal of this first-in-man trial is to demonstrate clinical safety in humans. We will test the device on 40 patients that were already scheduled in for laparoscopic surgery and who have given their informed consent to be included.

This trial is performed in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam, by our founder and CSO Dr. Alexander Veenhof and at the Maastricht University Medical Center by our advisory board member Nicole Bouvy.

The results of the safety trial will allow us to complete the CE documentation that is required for market authorization in the EU. Our CE technical file is already in an advanced state of review at our Notified body DEKRA and in preliminary review state with the FDA. Thus we expect to get CE mark and FDA approval in 2023.

Medicloseinformational leaflet

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