About Mediclose


Mediclose   is a sterile disposable device intended to pass a suture through the fascia of a 10-12 mm trocar induced wound, at the end of laparoscopic surgery. MedicloseTM is a closure system that consists of the MedicloseTM device, incorporating the sutures and needles, and the MedicloseTM adaptor, to ensure compatibility with most brands of trocars. Most existing systems close the trocar induced incisions from outside inward. Whereas, the MedicloseTM System closes the incisions inside outward, with the position of the needles pointing away from any vital organs.


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The Mediclose device will
pass through the trocar and be clicked tightly on top of the trocar to ensure a
good connection.

Then, the green firing side button can be pressed with your thumb to activate the needles. Subsequently, the button on top
of the device should be pressed again, which will release
the spreading mechanism into the non-folding position.

Finally, the trocar can be removed in one movement together with the Mediclose device from the wound. Now, the sutures can be cut from the needles and tied together to complete the closure.

Why Mediclose  ?



Adequate closure of the fascia and preventing incisional hernias

Needles are pointed away from abdominal organs and are kept in safe-housing


One-hand activation

No additional tools or camera control required

Compatible with every trocar.


Extremely fast closure, wounds can be closed within a minute


No cleaning and re-use, thus avoiding contamination

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