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Investment opportunities

The Company
Corporis Medical is a medical device company which started its operations in 2015, focusing on minimizing post-operative complications with smarter surgical tools i.e. MEDICLOSE™ and LAPRIXA™. Furthermore, Corporis Medical is developing innovative solutions for improving access, closure and diagnostic measurements for minimally invasive interventional procedures.

The company has several products in development in collaboration with a network of partners (KOL, designers; suppliers; distributors)

The company focuses on developing laparoscopic devices to automatically close trocar induced wounds and to measure the blood pressure of organs tissue providing a tissue/brachial index (TBI) an early indicator for proper perfusion and wound healing. More interventions have been done with the prospect in the development for faster and user-friendly suturing of vascular large-bore assess wounds, a rapidly growing field in interventional cardiology and vascular surgeries. These interventions have been done to decrease the number of second surgeries, future complications, to save time, and to decrease costs.

MEDICLOSE™ reduces time to close trocar induced wounds and the risk of a herniation of the wound. LAPRIXA™  blood pressure device measures blood pressure within 20-30 sec and saves lives by providing an unique and objective wound heal indicator (TBI) and reducing the number of unwanted complications like anastomotic leakages and secondary interventions.


The Market Opportunities
The target markets are hospitals, clinics and health care providers worldwide who would want to use the laparoscopic medical devices for their surgeries to decrease complications and reduce costs of treatment. With a total market of 10 million laparoscopic procedures yearly Corporis Medical could save thousands of lives with their new laparoscopic interventions.

Focus for Series B funding

Corporis medical is raising € 5-10 M in equity and loans to finance the next phase of the company with a focus on clinical assessment and product launch of its leading products MEDICLOSE™ and LAPRIXA™ and create partnerships with key players in sales and distribution. Funds will also be used to strengthen its product pipeline and company structure as an integrated medical device company.


John Marugg CEO & Xander Veenhof CSO

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